Experience with Life

Its a long time since I updated my blog. very long time, actually. I don’t post things which made no difference to me. Writing what i feel never became my habbit, it remained a passion, which comes into play only when something has truly inspired me to write. I’ve heard people say: writing out your feelings is truly difficult as words cannot describe what you’ve felt, I say otherwise: words speak louder than actions. Words make an impression that lasts forever. Actions sometimes can be forgotten but the right words which carry the weight of those actions can, in fact, stay infinitely in us. Those words can make us or break us and those which made no difference in our lives, will just drift into insignificance n lost as if they never existed. My life is loosely based on my father’s, though i couldn’t  spend much time with him he tutored me into what I am. He taught me things which were too early in my life to understand, nevertheless he did and I am realising it now that those principles made me the guy I am today.

An incident which is worth writing about happened 3 days back on Friday 11th February 2011 near my house, in Gandhi Bazaar. There’s this parking lot opposite Cafe Coffee Day and I fortunately happened to be there as I was there to collect some stuff given for photocopying. The parking lot, as always in Gandhi Bazaar, was full; i observed a man who was collecting ‘fee’ from the people who had parked. I remembered him. He was the same man I wanted to help a few months ago but couldn’t as I wasn’t carrying anything with me. I wanted to help him again but I never found him, actually. The sight of the man, it hurt me: he was a cripple. he was being brushed aside by people just because he demanded 4 bucks! some people were so rude with him that that day i told myself: next time i see this man I am going to give him money so that people see it. People can be so mean. this man wasn’t begging. He wasn’t pestering people for alms at traffic signals. He maybe a part of a scam where such people are set loose to get money and their ringleaders take away the money or he may not be!  He can be a homeless cripple trying to have one square meal a day but no-one was to think about him. All they cared was about was 4 bucks. I had nothing to give that man the other day. All i did was: go home and wonder what might that man be doing. I just felt bad for him,the least i could do. My feelings are always affectionate towards cripples because my father was bed-ridden for almost 2 years and before that he was crippled. I have seen their misery in my father itself. Such a terrible to have a body part which isn’t as it is supposed to be. My heart always reaches out to them. On Friday, the 11th of this month, 2011 I saw this man again being treated in the same way. But, few people paid him. He deserved it. He stood there all morning. Even if he wasn’t watching over the  vehicles he deserved that money or sympathy at least.

When I walked out the shop after picking up my stuff, I was really delighted to see this man limping about the parking lot asking for the fee. I was delighted not only because I saw him again, also because I had money with me. I walked upto him but he walked away from me. I didn’t  pursue him. I waited. I knew he would come to collect the money. 5 minutes passed. He was standing under a shelter nearby. Then he came. When he did. I took out 10 bucks from my wallet n gave it to him and walked away. Few people who might have seen it may have thought of me as a crazy guy but what I did, it felt right. Something that gave me peace and something that will make me want that feeling when i gave him that 10 bucks again. The satisfaction, the peace,it was simply amazing. I am going do that again if I see him. We people lament about things which we lose, those things which hardly matter to us in life. We feel as if the whole world around us crumbled but never think about what small things can do to people who haven’t got to enjoy the materialistic world as we have. We can give it to them. If not everything but something. Something that’s going make them think some men are fair-minded and give them the warmth of love and care from a stranger.

P.S : I am always going to  have that man in my mind. That man who gave me satisfaction worth lifetime for 10bucks and for what he is and however unfair the world is to him, he’s forever going  have my respect as a fellow human being.

– Harshavardhana

  1. Amazing Entry macha!! Keep writing… It’s very reflective… Keep up the Good Work!!!

    • Manjunath
    • February 25th, 2011

    Dude that was really touching… reminded me of the feeling that i had experienced when i had helped a blind man cross the road…. KEEP WRITING!!

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