Reflective Within

This is one entry where people who read this might have to dispute me about the topic and few may even agree with me. Those who agree with me have already experienced the sweetness of friendship over the bitterness of love and obviously chose the sweetness of friendship. Good Choice. Man’s a social animal: a wise guy said and as the wise saying goes man socializes with other men, friendship starts. Its really hard for men to stay without company unless that man prefers isolation but which normal man does? not me, of course!  I love to hang out with friends and the all the fun n joy which we feel with friends, though momentary, leaves a deep impression on ourselves. That impression is the thing which we touch when we find ourselves lost in sadness.

Friendship has a deeper bonding and understanding than that of love. Friendship as i’ve experienced it..can be renewed if it falls apart or the best way said: stitched again if torn as against love which can never be like when it began, it disappears along with the friendship with which it all started. Real love is felt in mother’s lap or father’s hug, the love which never gets eroded with time nor disappears even when the person’s lost; the love with which we can reassure ourselves that we’re not alone to fight this world but we got people watching our backs for us, also for our better future. The Love which closely defeats Friendship is the love we develop for strangers, am not sure if that’s  love ‘cos Love never erodes with time. My  experience  and that of my friends makes me feel all the time we spend with the person whom we “Love” is going to end some day. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing is certain though it promises to be certain. Life’s a gamble played with Love and when that love’s gone, Life’s lost. It’s a real long time till we pull ourselves together and ask ourselves what the hell went wrong and the only answer we get is – Love. Love went wrong, so did Life. Life was lot more beautiful when that person we loved was a friend, no complications and freedom was everywhere.Nothing to fear. Nothing to lose. Life was a better place to live in and its the best place to live in when all are friends, all are loved.

My Life changed in a dramatic way when someone special became even more special to me and i shared two years of my past with this amazing person. She made my life beautiful and when i learnt that that person was better off as a friend with me than she belonging to me I understood one thing – No one belongs to anyone except to their parents and siblings, where true love surely exists – in the purest form and it is, obviously, fool-proof where nothing matters. But that person, though i shared 2 years of relationship, though it ended, we continue to share a bond. Bond of Friendship. Bond of Understanding. Bond of Love. Relationship ended, for a greater cause i believe, but the Friendship with a slight touch of love endured. I am glad our relationship hasn’t come to an end like many other “stories” where the ex-couple usually end the story in a rather predictable way. Ours Didn’t. Nothing beats Friendship. There is not jealousy nor possessiveness nor are we bound to anyone. Just enjoying the life as it gets better by the day.I used to think that i followed my Heart that lead me to this person, and i was glad about it and then i realised it just Brain that reasons and if Heart is capable of doing anything apart from pumping blood, its misleading people into love. But i make it a point to miss that person who is the reason am writing this. That person who changed my way of life and painted it with a beautiful color called Love and pushed me down the waterfall called Friendship in which am still falling. I wish to forever.  And here I am, good as ever and nothing to lose. Cheers to Singledom.

– Harshavardhana

    • Vinay Bhushan
    • February 24th, 2011

    The greatest struggle is to find a balance in friendship. Sometimes, too much help is bad …..too little help is also bad.

    • sharmavardhan
    • February 24th, 2011

    the same principle applies to Love also..

    • vidya
    • April 6th, 2011

    Well, it is good to know that some people can incline one step higher and handle that resulted friendship in a mature manner. End of the what’s important is to build your personality into a better one with every experience – whether good or bitter and I would say all this moulds one into a better and maturer personality…So, all’s well that ends well !

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