Religion of My Soul

Well, well, here I am writing again about something that struck me long time ago but never really got the right tempo to pen in down into words. But then again, I thought, tempo doesn’t hit until I start writing and i did start writing, so now all I am looking for and need now is the right tempo to hit me. This Title of my present post occurred to me quite some time back. May be around the time I posted my previous, not quite sure actually. It doesn’t matter, really. Since the time I read about the Hindu-Muslim death matches in the newspapers I have been pondering over one thing : “Why  men kill each other over God?” It’s not God they’re fighting over, It’s the religion which men derived from the God regarding it as his Gift. God did give us a Gift but it never was Religion, it was the ability of every Human Being to think like no other organism in this whole wide world. An idea, an innovation as a result of that idea is unique to Mankind : That is a Gift. I’m brought up in an orthodox Brahmin family where am taught to worship God, disregard what other Religions regard as God be it Allah, or the Christ. I worship God, but only as a Force superior to man. Men created Religion to cling to a faith when they’re in distress. Everybody needs somebody to comfort them when they’re shattered and lost hope but it never was purpose of creation of Religion to kill other men. God never whispers into an individuals ears and enlightens him about Jihad. Only damaged will embark on a mission-sent-by-God Jihad and kills men in the name of Holy War. What is Holy about blowing oneself up along with others under the pretext of pleasing the God and gaining Salvation? Every God that exists in the mind of men preached Love, Affection, Care but never violence. If men, these days, think that God instructed them to kill others just to protect that religion against other, I would like them to ask one question : How is the second most populous Religion in anyway under threat? Now, my religion, Hinduism is considered as the Holiest of all. I don’t consider Hinduism as a religion at all. It’s a practice which makes man lead a life. Hinduism is a way of Life. Even a Muslim can practice it, same with a Christian or a Jew. Like Islam, Hinduism too preaches Love, Affection, Care and so on and so on but never violence and never preaches violence to its followers to protect it. Yes, World would be a better and safer place to live in without the presence of the miscreants who, in the name of God, misinterpreted his words and cuts my throat in the dark of the night just because his God whispered to him that His Religion is under threat because of a God I worship. I’m a guy to whom these man-made religions don’t matter. What matters is the Love a man has for another. How much he cares for another. That’s what matters to me. I, being a Brahmin, am supposed to be radical, and orthodox but this is what I’ve become because of the Gift unique to Human : Free thinking, an individual human mind knows no boundaries, no limits and is greater than any monument in the world. Religion is for the Body : blessed down upon us from our parents. But to me, the only Religion i got is Love. Nobody shake its Foundation, for it’s universal. Love, not for a person or Religion but to a fellow Human Being who has been created in my image and deserves to be loved, and not killed in the name of it. God created man, according to me, to be loved and when men resort to killing in His name, the whole purpose of His creation is sunk into an abyss, deep and dark enough that human race will be wiped off the face of earth just to establish a superior religion. Love provokes violence, true that is, but a Love which is unbiased, unprejudiced and fair provokes nothing but Love – That’s the Religion of My Soul.


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