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The day, 30.09.2011, started like any other Bangaloreon’s: with a power cut. The most painful part of living in one of best cities in the world and yet face about average power cut of 8 times a day is a Hell on the face of the Earth. My day proceeded without any unusual activity. My usual activity included studying, facebook, music, and watching TV shows. I was ready for another day filled with same boredom I faced the preceding days. But that was not it. The day was to become one of most joyful of all days. Ever.

My house is not new to animals, insects or birds. I’ve got a Mango tree and a tree of a flower called ‘Paarijaatha’. Though my locality is pretty polluted with all the emissions from vehicles, I’m quite lucky to say that my house is never short of fresh air because apart from these two trees, I’ve got a ‘curry leaves’ tree and and a betel leaf creeper. Quite a greenery in one’s house, I must say. Naturally, with these comes the rodents, insects and birds. All sorts of weird insects can be found in these trees. Honestly, few of them freak me out. But I enjoy co-existing with such colourful living beings.

Rodents, like I said, are not uncommon in my house. One such rodent, which practically is a part of my family, is Squirrel. Two days back, the man-servant of my family cleaned out a roll of weird looking nest made of twigs, leaves, fur and feathers. It was a squirrel nest. He disposed of it as it was empty and we were under the impression that the squirrel family had vacated to move up the locality. But, unfortunately, that was not to be so. The following day morning, 30.09.2011, I decided to study a bit of Indian Partnership Act, 1932 and went up the stairs only to find two cutest things I’ve ever seen playing in the corridor of my room: Squirrel-kids. I guess the squirrel-kids are called ‘kitten’ or a ‘pup’. I like ‘pup’ so let’s stick to that. The moment I saw them, my day was made. It reminded me and my brother back in childhood. So playful and super-energized. I sat on the steps watching them play. It was beautiful. I don’t remember how long I sat watching them but suddenly I realised that I own a very good camera: Nikon L120. I ran downstairs, pulled the camera out of the pouch and ran up to take some snaps. I was quite satisfied with the outcome of the snaps. I figured that they would, by the end, of the afternoon return to their parents. I think they are around 4-weeks old. But not was to be. And I did not know that until I came down from my Study for lunch, just to find one of the ‘pup’ stranded high up on the grill. And the other: Missing

I badly wanted to help that poor thing get down or move up the grill so that it can jump over to the first-floor of my house but I just did not know how. Finally, I made up my mind and decided to rescue it. “If I don’t rescue it now, it might be food for a crow or an eagle and I cannot let that happen.” In my house, luckily, we have a high stone bench we had built for recreational purpose. I put a chair on it and climbed on that chair. I had learnt that “fear” makes us do the impossible. I figured it was time to see it practically. I took a small pole and started intimidating it very very very very gently. It was responding. Hope it knew I wished no ill-will but only help. I wanted it to learn to climb very badly. All I wanted was to help. After around twenty minutes of “intimidation”, it climbed to the top of the grill. The greatest feelings in the world: to have helped rodent-kid achieve something for the very first time. Also, I had this feelings that I would never see it again. Ghastly feeling. My brother brought a jar of dry grapes and gave it to me. I took of it and put it on the base of the grill. It came running down to feed on it, then I took another and offered it and to my surprise, it nibbled on it twice and ran away. That, people, made me feel amazing. It was as if it thanked me. Tremendous. I did not see it for the next 2 hours. I thought it had gone to its family. But at around 4 PM, when I came up to my room again to study, I noticed it again on the top of the grill: Motionless, steady as a rock, as if it was waiting for its prey to pounce upon it. I had the camera in my room, I took it out, again, and took some very special pictures and like always, it ran away, once again. But this time, I was not disappointed as I had taken some awesome pictures of it.

And, the evening came, so did the coffee break. After one and half hours of Partnership Act, I wanted a break. Or rather I deserved it. I went out of my room, not minding my surroundings I just went downstairs, had coffee and relaxed and it was study time again. I climbed the stairs to my room, and to my blessed soul, the two ‘pups’ were the doorstep of my room. It was nearly 7 in the evening and they hadn’t returned to their nest. That was when I realised it was their home we disposed of yesterday. I felt terrible for taking their home away from them. I had no idea what to do. I opened the doors of my room and stood aside. Shockingly, they ran into the room. And suddenly, I was at peace. I don’t mind sharing my room with them. Since they are not nocturnal, never saw them again that day. I was pretty excited the following day, which is today: 01.10.2011, to meet my new friends. As I went up to my room, I saw one on the grill, made me mighty smile and the other, in the hallway of my room. It looked sick and disturbed. I thought its best to leave it alone. But later, I could not stand it anymore, I raced down and brought rice grains and scattered it over the floor, I bet it was hungry, it nibbled on a few. After some time, I opened my Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 box, put rice in it and kept on the floor, raced down again, brought two pieces of banana and a bowl of water and placed the bowl of water in front of it. It was crazily thirsty that it instantaneously climbed the bowl and dipped its mouth into the water. Now, the unexpected visitors are now virtually my pets. Watching them play makes me forget the world and fill the void inside me with joy and happiness of giving the homeless the home, though I cannot be what their parents are to them, closest I can be is their guardian till they are ready to go out and face the world on their own.

This day, October the Second, 2011, sometime in the afternoon, one of the squirrel’s passed away. During the morning I tried my best to take care of it but failed to keep it alive, I wanted to take it to a vet tomorrow as I sensed something wrong with it. It really liked me, it used to come running towards me whenever I entered the hallway of my room. Honestly, it really amused me. But only memories remain, though only of two days yet very special. I’m utterly devastated. When I saw the corpse, the other squirrel (its only family, I think) sitting next to it, I knelt down, completely shocked, disappointed, and locked both my palms and prayed for its departed Soul that wherever it may be, may it Rest In Peace. “For what you meant to me in the last 2 days of my life, I’ll remember you forever. For giving me joy and happiness even in your sickness, which I sadly was not aware of, you deserve to Rest In Peace. You’ll, forever, remain my first pet.”

    • Anonymous
    • October 1st, 2011

    Very very chweet, all’s well that ends well!

      • Anonymous
      • October 1st, 2011

      Hey, it was Vidya Ramesh not anonymous 😦

  1. Very Responsible of you to adopt those 2 squirrels… One more example of a wonder happening in the crowded street of Urbanization 🙂 A Good Read!

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