Politically Outrageous

Politics as experienced by a Common Man – Part I

I’m a common man like the rest of you. As a common man, and common men collectively, power is supposed to rest with us: the electorate. However, due to excessive accumulation of power with the few, the power is wrested from us by the democratically repeatedly elected few who claims to represent the people: his constituents.

My source of news relating to politics (I will not use the word ‘governance’ as it is distinct from ‘politics’ but often goes hand-in-hand with one another) is primarily the media: the necessary and uncurtailed/unabridged evil of our times with self assumed moral authority for deciding who’s right and who’s wrong and almost always, who’s guilty and who’s not. People who care more about TRPs, sensationalism and punch words than decency and truth. If only the press could do their reporting under oath. To quote Roger Ailes’ (founder of Fox News and media consultant for President Nixon, Reagan and Bush Sr.) famous The Orchestra Pit Theory: “If you have two guys on a stage and one guy says, “I have a solution to the Middle East problem,” and the other guy falls in the orchestra pit, who do you think is going to be on the evening news?” (We’ll talk about this in a different article) But I digress. Print media, news channels and these days, social media play a vital role in reporting news and due to my excessive interest in keeping currency in world affairs, I read newspaper in the morning, watch news channels and browse social media for news from reliable and respectable media organisations since these days on social media, websites posing news media are known to be spewing propaganda material, targeted misinformation and hoaxes based on their political leanings and this seems to be disrupting the proper and fair reporting of news leading to, in the words of President Trump: “FAKE NEWS!”

For those who understands politics, or knows politics but cannot quite define it due to its abstract and complicated nature, let me define it for you since many acts can be described than defined as politics. Politics (from Politika in Greek meaning ‘affairs of the cities’ – the term ‘cities’ are used since during the Greek Civilization ‘states’ were cities known as ‘City-States’ wherein Athens, Sparta, Argos Delphi., etc. Now, naturally with globalisation, politics is more globalised with cause-and-effect of political acts lies elsewhere) can be defined in various ways. One definitions goes this way: “the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power”.Another definition runs thus: “activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization”.Yet another definition suits the term quite aptly: “a particular set of political beliefs or principles.”Though definitions are innumerable, it is impractical to go on listing them in this article as you get the drift. You can now not only describe politics but also define its nature. For the purpose of this article let’s stick to meaning of politics as these three mentioned above wherever context may serve or require accordingly.

Now, to be fair, I may or may not as political as some readers who may read this. I’m political to the extent I want to be. Words expressed here in this article are my opinions published under right to freedom of expression of my beliefs without prejudice to anything or anyone. To people who care and to some extent understand, I’m a right-wing socialist. My political inclinations are not private and I’ll make myself abundantly clear about that. My political opinions change as I think believing in something once its no longer practical to do so is quite foolish.

I’m an advocate of law by profession. Politics and law complement each other in formulation and enactment of legislations. It is due to my immense fascination, and inevitable interaction between law and politics that caught my interest in the subject of politics. I’ll even illustrate this with an example: Recently, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of my state, chairing the SC/ST Committee of the Department of Social Welfare, directed the transport authorities of my state to issue free bus passes to the students belonging to the SC/ST community. Here’s where I believe politics played a role in arriving at this controversial scheme: Its election time in under 10 months and my Chief Minister is resorting to vote-bank politics, that is, appeasement of the backward classes for the sake of votes. Now one might wonder what’s wrong with the scheme. It’s quite simple: Art.14 of the Constitution – Equality before the law. Why is it that only these communities are to be the beneficiaries of the said scheme? If my Hon’ble Chief Minister did really want to bestow his generous welfare scheme to uplift the SC/ST student community, why did he not do it in the past 4 years? The timing is suspicious and controversial with election time around the corner. The intent seems to be more than just for the welfare of the said student community but more about caste-and-vote-politics. Such blatant acts of abuse of executive power is a direct assault on the constitutional ethos of equality before the law and insult to the very principles on which this country was fought for and founded. This is just one of countless illustrations where politics and governance abuse the law to obliterate constitutional principles.

Common people go on about our lives without giving things like these much thought as these are of little significance to anyone but the beneficiaries of the scheme but the implications are profound and dangerous. To elaborate, say for the sake of argument, SC/ST student of class 8 is given a free bus pass and a student who’s not from SC/ST community, is by law, is not eligible for the same under the scheme. The poisonous seed of caste differentiation is sown in the mind of a child. Is it really required to differentiate between kids at such young age? Why not all students have a free bus pass irrespective of their caste or community? Wouldn’t that further the sense of social equality than just one community benefit from this draconian law? When the constitution is striving towards equality in the society, it is our politicians playing politics desperately to remain in power for 5 more years. Equality is not sufficient to remain just on paper. It should be taught to children from a tender age. Discrimination starts in the mind and that is where it must be fought. Politics must not get in the way of personal development by sowing the seeds of divisiveness for the sake of few votes. Constitutional values are greater than votes, its the country’s ideal for its citizens. Only by practicing equality can we attain it; not by twisting the meaning of equality for self-serving political gains. Once a politician gets elected, he tries the remainder of his term to not serve his constituents but to get elected for yet another term. The motive is largely self-serving than serving his constituents. It is not sufficient that we aspire towards the goals and lofty ambitions set forth in our Constitution, we must try to implement it. Live it. Teach it. These are the only ways that we can grow as a society so as to become a society of the equals, for the equals and by the equals. One cannot possibly expect to uplift one community by using divisive politics as a tool to further political motives. We deserve more and expect more than this from our leadership. We’re a democracy where the power rests with common man and not a oligarchy. I’m not sure if this controversial scheme by my government with withstand judicial scrutiny – checks and balances, you see. One thing I’m certain of: this move has proved to be hugely unpopular for the reason that this scheme was passed with political ulterior motive. In any case, we’ll know the people’s mandate of this government in a few months’ time. After all, school kids cannot vote and those who can and will vote are thoroughly antagonised by this appeasement politics played in the name of welfare. People are not blind and is it especially wrong to assume that people will digest anything you throw at them once you are in power. You are in power as long as people wish you to remain there. We’re all equal. We’re all the Master.


Religion and its aftermath

Here I am, writing a post to this blog nearly after 4 years. I could say I no longer wished to write as it involved getting in touch with my emotions and what-not. However, I decided to write today to overcome that hurdle. Big step, of course. Since the last time i wrote here, I have become an Advocate practicing law in Bengaluru. Quite challenging, it is one could say. I practice primarily at the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka. A young advocate like me, sometimes, feel out-of-place as the place is always filled with a battery of advocates with decades of practice. Intimidating, really. But, an experience to cherish nonetheless. Today, in furtherance of my right to free speech and expression, I’m writing about a unique situation about Religion and its place in India.

I live in Bengaluru, India.  A true Bangalaroean, having born and brought up in one of the oldest localities of Bengaluru, Basavanagudi. Its vibrant with a life of its own, everybody bustling about in their own work, full of energy with a distinct shade of colour and charm to it. Having said that, my area was at first dominated by Brahmins. I’m a Brahmin by birth, which according to some people, was a big deal. I could not understand the full extent of that until i started reading and studying on my own and forming my own opinions. Brahmins, as we call ourselves, is one of the four varnas which divided our ancient society based on the employment or skills they possessed. Brahmins undertook the profession of priests, teachers, scholars etc, and other varnas being Kshatriyas (Kings, warriors and the like), Vaishyas (merchants, artisans, etc) and finally Shudras (labourers). The division of this nature was only a matter of convenience for effective functioning of the society but not to promote discrimination. It should be borne in mind that ancient Varna classification is not to be understood within the meaning of modern day ‘Caste’ system. One could ask, was it fair to impose a profession a person just because his/her father belonged to a particular Varna? To answer this, one must look at Varna as a class of people and not caste. With this premise, it can very well be concluded that inter-varna migration is quite possible. But, these days Varnas are gravely misconstrued as present-day caste system and if caste-system is the premise then the only conclusion is that inter-varna migration is high improbable. It can be explained with a simple example, as follows: ‘Mr. A’ is a brahmin by birth with an open mind about education and is interested in propagation of knowledge or ‘jnana’. ‘Mr.B’ is a shudra who is very keen on learning and an aspiring teacher. ‘Mr. A’ is approached by ‘Mr.B’ begging him to teach him everything he knows. ‘Mr. A’ agrees and at the end of 15 years of education and imparting of knowledge, ‘Mr. B’ graduates with full honours as a learned man at the hands of venerable ‘Mr.A’. Now, ‘Mr.B’ with his accomplishment of having mastered the Vedas, travels the country teaching and imparting knowledge without discrimination. Is not ‘Mr. B’ a Brahmin by definition now? Is he not entitled to the respect teachers are accorded in the society? OR Must he be ostracized for migrating from one varna to another? One must keep in mind that though Vedas form the principal literature in Hinduism, Hinduism existed much prior to Vedas itself. Hinduism is a modern day name given by foreigners who invaded my country but Hinduism is actually known as ‘Sanaathana Dharma’ or ‘Eternal Order’. Sanaathana Dharma never contemplated division of society based on caste system. Such perversion is unheard of. Varnas, once crystallized, during the later-vedic period and subsequent periods did the caste system stated coming into prominence. Sanaathana Dharma, as we know today, was systematically torn down of its essence and filled with contempt and malice towards people of Vaishya and Shudra varnas. It is these times which came to define the caste-system during the freedom struggle and post-independence era of India.

I was brought up as a Brahmin but I do not have to live by the societal rules that was imposed on me. At least, they thought they imposed on me. What a pity. We’re in a democratic society governed by the best Constitution in the entire world but yet we’re yet to break free from the shackles of casteism which was put forth by a bunch of vile, bigoted, divisive lot of no-brains who had the audacity to benefit from the people of allegedly lower caste (read:class) and banish them for being people of lower caste. Such level of hypocrisy was not heard of in that millennium. And, We, the People of SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC [:D] of India gave to ourselves this wonderful set of laws that defined my country’s ideals and principles upon which it was founded, only to watch it obliterate quite magnificently at the hands of hapless politicians who stooped down to caste-based politics instead of welfare-oriented approach to gain votes. Babasaheb’s vision enshrined in Article 14: Equality before the law and equal protection of the laws within the territory of India remains a notional concept only to be used excessively by lawyers  to abuse the process of law.

Hinduism is seen from the outside as a profoundly layered religion. It is not so. It is a simple practice of acceptance, honestly, truthfulness and non-violence. Concept of God made this Sanaathana Dharma so perverse that God is now commercialized by the opportunistic few. Divinity must be attained through spirituality. These days, Sanaathana Dharma is hijacked by the businessmen that spirituality is attained through capitalism with divinity as an accomplice. Well, we all know Hindu temples hoarding wealth. Enough said about that. Hindiusm is no longer Sanaathana Dharma. It is now a business aimed at making the most of ‘faith’ people have in God (whose Soul I pray for). Hinduism as we know today has divided my country with people shouting ‘intolerance’ at every chance they get. Sure, we’re intolerant. That’s how we got so far. That’s how we still exist. My religion is so tolerant that we accepted every person that made it to our shore. Muslim invaders were influenced by my religion to such an extent that they became exceedingly tolerant and peaceful. Period. My religion is not intolerant. Its the twisted right-wing ultra-conservative Hindu groups who are intolerant for the sole reason that they failed to understand the religion they look to enforce or guard. I agree my religion is not perfect. Nothing coming from man is. My religion has sustained for over 2 millennia. It will subsist for millennia to come. There is no place for intolerance in my religion. A Mohammedan can practice Hinduism, so can a jew or a christian or a Slav or a Croat or a Pole. India, though referred to as Hindustan, is a country with no religion, caste or creed. It is a country with all Religions strategically situated to be beneficial to one another. Religion is an extremely personal matter and should be used to drive the country.



Unexpected Visitors

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The day, 30.09.2011, started like any other Bangaloreon’s: with a power cut. The most painful part of living in one of best cities in the world and yet face about average power cut of 8 times a day is a Hell on the face of the Earth. My day proceeded without any unusual activity. My usual activity included studying, facebook, music, and watching TV shows. I was ready for another day filled with same boredom I faced the preceding days. But that was not it. The day was to become one of most joyful of all days. Ever.

My house is not new to animals, insects or birds. I’ve got a Mango tree and a tree of a flower called ‘Paarijaatha’. Though my locality is pretty polluted with all the emissions from vehicles, I’m quite lucky to say that my house is never short of fresh air because apart from these two trees, I’ve got a ‘curry leaves’ tree and and a betel leaf creeper. Quite a greenery in one’s house, I must say. Naturally, with these comes the rodents, insects and birds. All sorts of weird insects can be found in these trees. Honestly, few of them freak me out. But I enjoy co-existing with such colourful living beings.

Rodents, like I said, are not uncommon in my house. One such rodent, which practically is a part of my family, is Squirrel. Two days back, the man-servant of my family cleaned out a roll of weird looking nest made of twigs, leaves, fur and feathers. It was a squirrel nest. He disposed of it as it was empty and we were under the impression that the squirrel family had vacated to move up the locality. But, unfortunately, that was not to be so. The following day morning, 30.09.2011, I decided to study a bit of Indian Partnership Act, 1932 and went up the stairs only to find two cutest things I’ve ever seen playing in the corridor of my room: Squirrel-kids. I guess the squirrel-kids are called ‘kitten’ or a ‘pup’. I like ‘pup’ so let’s stick to that. The moment I saw them, my day was made. It reminded me and my brother back in childhood. So playful and super-energized. I sat on the steps watching them play. It was beautiful. I don’t remember how long I sat watching them but suddenly I realised that I own a very good camera: Nikon L120. I ran downstairs, pulled the camera out of the pouch and ran up to take some snaps. I was quite satisfied with the outcome of the snaps. I figured that they would, by the end, of the afternoon return to their parents. I think they are around 4-weeks old. But not was to be. And I did not know that until I came down from my Study for lunch, just to find one of the ‘pup’ stranded high up on the grill. And the other: Missing

I badly wanted to help that poor thing get down or move up the grill so that it can jump over to the first-floor of my house but I just did not know how. Finally, I made up my mind and decided to rescue it. “If I don’t rescue it now, it might be food for a crow or an eagle and I cannot let that happen.” In my house, luckily, we have a high stone bench we had built for recreational purpose. I put a chair on it and climbed on that chair. I had learnt that “fear” makes us do the impossible. I figured it was time to see it practically. I took a small pole and started intimidating it very very very very gently. It was responding. Hope it knew I wished no ill-will but only help. I wanted it to learn to climb very badly. All I wanted was to help. After around twenty minutes of “intimidation”, it climbed to the top of the grill. The greatest feelings in the world: to have helped rodent-kid achieve something for the very first time. Also, I had this feelings that I would never see it again. Ghastly feeling. My brother brought a jar of dry grapes and gave it to me. I took of it and put it on the base of the grill. It came running down to feed on it, then I took another and offered it and to my surprise, it nibbled on it twice and ran away. That, people, made me feel amazing. It was as if it thanked me. Tremendous. I did not see it for the next 2 hours. I thought it had gone to its family. But at around 4 PM, when I came up to my room again to study, I noticed it again on the top of the grill: Motionless, steady as a rock, as if it was waiting for its prey to pounce upon it. I had the camera in my room, I took it out, again, and took some very special pictures and like always, it ran away, once again. But this time, I was not disappointed as I had taken some awesome pictures of it.

And, the evening came, so did the coffee break. After one and half hours of Partnership Act, I wanted a break. Or rather I deserved it. I went out of my room, not minding my surroundings I just went downstairs, had coffee and relaxed and it was study time again. I climbed the stairs to my room, and to my blessed soul, the two ‘pups’ were the doorstep of my room. It was nearly 7 in the evening and they hadn’t returned to their nest. That was when I realised it was their home we disposed of yesterday. I felt terrible for taking their home away from them. I had no idea what to do. I opened the doors of my room and stood aside. Shockingly, they ran into the room. And suddenly, I was at peace. I don’t mind sharing my room with them. Since they are not nocturnal, never saw them again that day. I was pretty excited the following day, which is today: 01.10.2011, to meet my new friends. As I went up to my room, I saw one on the grill, made me mighty smile and the other, in the hallway of my room. It looked sick and disturbed. I thought its best to leave it alone. But later, I could not stand it anymore, I raced down and brought rice grains and scattered it over the floor, I bet it was hungry, it nibbled on a few. After some time, I opened my Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 box, put rice in it and kept on the floor, raced down again, brought two pieces of banana and a bowl of water and placed the bowl of water in front of it. It was crazily thirsty that it instantaneously climbed the bowl and dipped its mouth into the water. Now, the unexpected visitors are now virtually my pets. Watching them play makes me forget the world and fill the void inside me with joy and happiness of giving the homeless the home, though I cannot be what their parents are to them, closest I can be is their guardian till they are ready to go out and face the world on their own.

This day, October the Second, 2011, sometime in the afternoon, one of the squirrel’s passed away. During the morning I tried my best to take care of it but failed to keep it alive, I wanted to take it to a vet tomorrow as I sensed something wrong with it. It really liked me, it used to come running towards me whenever I entered the hallway of my room. Honestly, it really amused me. But only memories remain, though only of two days yet very special. I’m utterly devastated. When I saw the corpse, the other squirrel (its only family, I think) sitting next to it, I knelt down, completely shocked, disappointed, and locked both my palms and prayed for its departed Soul that wherever it may be, may it Rest In Peace. “For what you meant to me in the last 2 days of my life, I’ll remember you forever. For giving me joy and happiness even in your sickness, which I sadly was not aware of, you deserve to Rest In Peace. You’ll, forever, remain my first pet.”

Religion of My Soul

Well, well, here I am writing again about something that struck me long time ago but never really got the right tempo to pen in down into words. But then again, I thought, tempo doesn’t hit until I start writing and i did start writing, so now all I am looking for and need now is the right tempo to hit me. This Title of my present post occurred to me quite some time back. May be around the time I posted my previous, not quite sure actually. It doesn’t matter, really. Since the time I read about the Hindu-Muslim death matches in the newspapers I have been pondering over one thing : “Why  men kill each other over God?” It’s not God they’re fighting over, It’s the religion which men derived from the God regarding it as his Gift. God did give us a Gift but it never was Religion, it was the ability of every Human Being to think like no other organism in this whole wide world. An idea, an innovation as a result of that idea is unique to Mankind : That is a Gift. I’m brought up in an orthodox Brahmin family where am taught to worship God, disregard what other Religions regard as God be it Allah, or the Christ. I worship God, but only as a Force superior to man. Men created Religion to cling to a faith when they’re in distress. Everybody needs somebody to comfort them when they’re shattered and lost hope but it never was purpose of creation of Religion to kill other men. God never whispers into an individuals ears and enlightens him about Jihad. Only damaged will embark on a mission-sent-by-God Jihad and kills men in the name of Holy War. What is Holy about blowing oneself up along with others under the pretext of pleasing the God and gaining Salvation? Every God that exists in the mind of men preached Love, Affection, Care but never violence. If men, these days, think that God instructed them to kill others just to protect that religion against other, I would like them to ask one question : How is the second most populous Religion in anyway under threat? Now, my religion, Hinduism is considered as the Holiest of all. I don’t consider Hinduism as a religion at all. It’s a practice which makes man lead a life. Hinduism is a way of Life. Even a Muslim can practice it, same with a Christian or a Jew. Like Islam, Hinduism too preaches Love, Affection, Care and so on and so on but never violence and never preaches violence to its followers to protect it. Yes, World would be a better and safer place to live in without the presence of the miscreants who, in the name of God, misinterpreted his words and cuts my throat in the dark of the night just because his God whispered to him that His Religion is under threat because of a God I worship. I’m a guy to whom these man-made religions don’t matter. What matters is the Love a man has for another. How much he cares for another. That’s what matters to me. I, being a Brahmin, am supposed to be radical, and orthodox but this is what I’ve become because of the Gift unique to Human : Free thinking, an individual human mind knows no boundaries, no limits and is greater than any monument in the world. Religion is for the Body : blessed down upon us from our parents. But to me, the only Religion i got is Love. Nobody shake its Foundation, for it’s universal. Love, not for a person or Religion but to a fellow Human Being who has been created in my image and deserves to be loved, and not killed in the name of it. God created man, according to me, to be loved and when men resort to killing in His name, the whole purpose of His creation is sunk into an abyss, deep and dark enough that human race will be wiped off the face of earth just to establish a superior religion. Love provokes violence, true that is, but a Love which is unbiased, unprejudiced and fair provokes nothing but Love – That’s the Religion of My Soul.


Reflective Within

This is one entry where people who read this might have to dispute me about the topic and few may even agree with me. Those who agree with me have already experienced the sweetness of friendship over the bitterness of love and obviously chose the sweetness of friendship. Good Choice. Man’s a social animal: a wise guy said and as the wise saying goes man socializes with other men, friendship starts. Its really hard for men to stay without company unless that man prefers isolation but which normal man does? not me, of course!  I love to hang out with friends and the all the fun n joy which we feel with friends, though momentary, leaves a deep impression on ourselves. That impression is the thing which we touch when we find ourselves lost in sadness.

Friendship has a deeper bonding and understanding than that of love. Friendship as i’ve experienced it..can be renewed if it falls apart or the best way said: stitched again if torn as against love which can never be like when it began, it disappears along with the friendship with which it all started. Real love is felt in mother’s lap or father’s hug, the love which never gets eroded with time nor disappears even when the person’s lost; the love with which we can reassure ourselves that we’re not alone to fight this world but we got people watching our backs for us, also for our better future. The Love which closely defeats Friendship is the love we develop for strangers, am not sure if that’s  love ‘cos Love never erodes with time. My  experience  and that of my friends makes me feel all the time we spend with the person whom we “Love” is going to end some day. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing is certain though it promises to be certain. Life’s a gamble played with Love and when that love’s gone, Life’s lost. It’s a real long time till we pull ourselves together and ask ourselves what the hell went wrong and the only answer we get is – Love. Love went wrong, so did Life. Life was lot more beautiful when that person we loved was a friend, no complications and freedom was everywhere.Nothing to fear. Nothing to lose. Life was a better place to live in and its the best place to live in when all are friends, all are loved.

My Life changed in a dramatic way when someone special became even more special to me and i shared two years of my past with this amazing person. She made my life beautiful and when i learnt that that person was better off as a friend with me than she belonging to me I understood one thing – No one belongs to anyone except to their parents and siblings, where true love surely exists – in the purest form and it is, obviously, fool-proof where nothing matters. But that person, though i shared 2 years of relationship, though it ended, we continue to share a bond. Bond of Friendship. Bond of Understanding. Bond of Love. Relationship ended, for a greater cause i believe, but the Friendship with a slight touch of love endured. I am glad our relationship hasn’t come to an end like many other “stories” where the ex-couple usually end the story in a rather predictable way. Ours Didn’t. Nothing beats Friendship. There is not jealousy nor possessiveness nor are we bound to anyone. Just enjoying the life as it gets better by the day.I used to think that i followed my Heart that lead me to this person, and i was glad about it and then i realised it just Brain that reasons and if Heart is capable of doing anything apart from pumping blood, its misleading people into love. But i make it a point to miss that person who is the reason am writing this. That person who changed my way of life and painted it with a beautiful color called Love and pushed me down the waterfall called Friendship in which am still falling. I wish to forever.  And here I am, good as ever and nothing to lose. Cheers to Singledom.

– Harshavardhana

Experience with Life

Its a long time since I updated my blog. very long time, actually. I don’t post things which made no difference to me. Writing what i feel never became my habbit, it remained a passion, which comes into play only when something has truly inspired me to write. I’ve heard people say: writing out your feelings is truly difficult as words cannot describe what you’ve felt, I say otherwise: words speak louder than actions. Words make an impression that lasts forever. Actions sometimes can be forgotten but the right words which carry the weight of those actions can, in fact, stay infinitely in us. Those words can make us or break us and those which made no difference in our lives, will just drift into insignificance n lost as if they never existed. My life is loosely based on my father’s, though i couldn’t  spend much time with him he tutored me into what I am. He taught me things which were too early in my life to understand, nevertheless he did and I am realising it now that those principles made me the guy I am today.

An incident which is worth writing about happened 3 days back on Friday 11th February 2011 near my house, in Gandhi Bazaar. There’s this parking lot opposite Cafe Coffee Day and I fortunately happened to be there as I was there to collect some stuff given for photocopying. The parking lot, as always in Gandhi Bazaar, was full; i observed a man who was collecting ‘fee’ from the people who had parked. I remembered him. He was the same man I wanted to help a few months ago but couldn’t as I wasn’t carrying anything with me. I wanted to help him again but I never found him, actually. The sight of the man, it hurt me: he was a cripple. he was being brushed aside by people just because he demanded 4 bucks! some people were so rude with him that that day i told myself: next time i see this man I am going to give him money so that people see it. People can be so mean. this man wasn’t begging. He wasn’t pestering people for alms at traffic signals. He maybe a part of a scam where such people are set loose to get money and their ringleaders take away the money or he may not be!  He can be a homeless cripple trying to have one square meal a day but no-one was to think about him. All they cared was about was 4 bucks. I had nothing to give that man the other day. All i did was: go home and wonder what might that man be doing. I just felt bad for him,the least i could do. My feelings are always affectionate towards cripples because my father was bed-ridden for almost 2 years and before that he was crippled. I have seen their misery in my father itself. Such a terrible to have a body part which isn’t as it is supposed to be. My heart always reaches out to them. On Friday, the 11th of this month, 2011 I saw this man again being treated in the same way. But, few people paid him. He deserved it. He stood there all morning. Even if he wasn’t watching over the  vehicles he deserved that money or sympathy at least.

When I walked out the shop after picking up my stuff, I was really delighted to see this man limping about the parking lot asking for the fee. I was delighted not only because I saw him again, also because I had money with me. I walked upto him but he walked away from me. I didn’t  pursue him. I waited. I knew he would come to collect the money. 5 minutes passed. He was standing under a shelter nearby. Then he came. When he did. I took out 10 bucks from my wallet n gave it to him and walked away. Few people who might have seen it may have thought of me as a crazy guy but what I did, it felt right. Something that gave me peace and something that will make me want that feeling when i gave him that 10 bucks again. The satisfaction, the peace,it was simply amazing. I am going do that again if I see him. We people lament about things which we lose, those things which hardly matter to us in life. We feel as if the whole world around us crumbled but never think about what small things can do to people who haven’t got to enjoy the materialistic world as we have. We can give it to them. If not everything but something. Something that’s going make them think some men are fair-minded and give them the warmth of love and care from a stranger.

P.S : I am always going to  have that man in my mind. That man who gave me satisfaction worth lifetime for 10bucks and for what he is and however unfair the world is to him, he’s forever going  have my respect as a fellow human being.

– Harshavardhana

The Departure..

Came to Bangalore on 14th at 430 in the morning from Shimoga, Karnataka. I was on a 2 day trip to that place.I was all excited to meet my parents and my uncle who accompanied me was all enthusiastic to see his brother,who’s my father. He was ailing since a long time. He was bed-ridden due to the chemotherapy side-effect. He had lost his speech,n his every ability to be on his own,suffering every moment : living a life of death every moment. Me, Harshavardhana, my brother Sudarshan, n my mother took care of him every second that passed by hoping his recovery, hoping for the past old days of joys n smiles to return.We alighted the train and got into an auto and  came home with medicines which we believed it could cure my dad some day.

at 5 : 00 in the morning we came home. My house was illuminated with all the lights, much to our amazement. All my cousins were home, all had a weird sad mask on their faces,my bro was stern and aunts’ eyes were drowned in tears. My aunt told : ”we couldn’t save him” n pointed at my dad. I was shocked. Uncle ran towards my dad – shakin my dad’s body violently to wake him up. I didn’t realise what had happened. Few moments later, i realised that my beloved father was no more. I was shocked. I didn’t cry. I didn’t know what to do. Long had we prepared for his death, but we still couldn’t save him. Its only after an hour and half that my cheeks felt the wetness, my eyes was swollen up with tears..i couldn’t fight it any more, i cried..

Next thing I did was call up the person closest to my heart, Harshith. I called up his landline but no-one answered. Then his cell, he cut the call. I messaged him the matter, he called me back. I cried so much. I dint know how to tell this to Shivani,my dear gal. I told Harshith to tell her and to my other friends as well which he did it promptly. The worst day of my life was about to unfold with my dearest man lying dead infront of me.

People were informed about this misfortune. They kept coming. Tears were countless, they kept flowing down the people who were there. Dad’s clients, college friends, high school friends, his teachers, his professional friends – all paid their final respects for what a man he was. He didn’t deserve anything less than what he got at the end. Shops were closed down until the body was taken. They told that’s what they can do for some1 like that. I felt proud. He’s at peace somewhere, released of his pains, struggles,free to roam everywhere he wants to but I know he’s always in this house, where he was born, where he died, where he always belongs to. People were glad his sons were old enough to take up the responsibility of this house but they never realized how important a dad is to his sons I think..if he was still alive, like always, I would still be next to him taking care of him. Being bed-ridden doesn’t matter, having a father does. I miss u dad..

at 1030, the final rites began. Being orthodox Brahmins, everything was started as planned. Everything was done by 1130. People present offered him the final food, rice. The hearse van arrived and we loaded my dad into it. Everyone had a final look at him, I dint dare look at my mom. Her beautiful face had faded like a fallen flower. She looked terrible. We then set off for the crematorium at 1145. Sittin next to my dad, we left on his Final Journey.

crematorium was peaceful, we drove in. I was reluctant to unload my dad for his pyre was ready to consume my dad. wWe finished the duty which was supposed to be done and laid him on the pyre. All his friends were present to witness their beloved friend pass into nothingness. We set the timber on him and set the pyre into flames. I felt satisfaction; my brother started to cry : ”i want my father back”. Men can do nothing for such departures. Nothing can bring him back for his time was over and he went to where he belonged to. No power of men how much ever incredible it is could stop him leaving. He went, never to return again.

The flames engulfed his body, burning merrily, consuming my dad every second as I watched my father burn nothing was more painful than this. I felt like crying but i won’t deny that  I was relieved to release him from this nasty world where his friends deserted him when he fell ill. They wanted him when he was all powerful n influential and when he fell to the bed, none came to him. He was depressed but he went peacefully and that is all that matters.

on 15th…we collected the ashes of my father from the pyre, did some pooja to it and went to the sacred city of Srirangapatnam through which the river Kaveri flows. As per the rituals, the ashes should be offered to the east-flowin river and river Kaveri’s sacred for such purposes. We offered him and sent him down the river perhaps to the Heaven to rest with his Fathers. All his sufferings  ended…but I lost my father.

Father, I wrote this for u..



crying for you is above everything else we cry for..

tears flow like there’s no end to it..

days get longer…feelings r drowned in sorrow..

emotions r nowhere to be seen around..Lost they r..


Darkness took over the life..nothing stopping it..

life shattered into the vast nothingness..

never to return again to the loved ones..who

are drenched in tears of grief…never..


memories of the old days..keeps returning to haunt..

good ol’ days where the world was a better place

everything seems so uncertain now..so uncertain..

that my world itself collapsed within seconds..


men live n pass..gifted with mortality..

which makes every moment beautiful..

when death visits..mortality is Doom..

which all men r bound to enjoy…

Miss u father..I’ll live the way u had, with love n care towards all…


Rest In Peace.


Your beloved son,

Harshavardhana Sharma